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13 May 2015

Cadbury Mini Rolls back with a BIG personality!

Minirolls 000 Cover

Cadbury Mini Rolls are the original Mini Roll and have been gracing supermarket shelves and lunchboxes since 1962. However to walk down the cake aisle you wouldn’t know it, dozens of copycat brands have jumped on the success of the vanilla crème-centred Cadbury Mini Rolls and followed with their own variants of this iconic cake, albeit none deliver the crème that Cadbury Mini Rolls have. Premier Foods wanted to make Cadbury Mini Rolls more impactful on shelf, making it more modern, relevant and in keeping with the master brand of Cadbury confectionery. To help deliver this, Premier Foods assigned the project to Leeds-based design agency Robot Food to bring their expertise on making this step change re-design for the brand.

Tasked with reinventing the Cadbury Mini Rolls brand, Robot Food completely overhauled the visual identity and on pack hierarchy to hero the Mini Rolls themselves. By taking full advantage of the speech mark shape created by the swirled crème filling, the new identity is as bold and fun as the product offering itself. Oozing with character and cheeky tone of voice, Robot Food created the positioning “with BIG personality” to modernise Cadbury Mini Rolls and have a clear advantage over of the own-label offerings. This new pack design is also in line with the current “Joy” positioning that the parent brand Cadbury hold.

On pack communication has been significantly ramped up with a series of witty, tongue in cheek slogans that give each flavour literal shelf shout. In keeping with the big personality proposition, each individual Mini Roll has a fun message on the outer wrapper; each flavour vying for attention on the shelf. Carrying on with the overhaul, Robot Food’s art direction of the product photography is as innovative as it is exciting. By breaking away from the industry standard ‘3/4 shot’, the Mini Roll instantly becomes proud, confident and more appetising – symbolising the newfound stature of the Cadbury Mini Rolls brand.

The result is an all-encompassing identity that completely reaffirms Cadbury Mini Rolls’ position as the go-to product in the busy aisle of cake. Rolled with joy and bursting with personality ensures they have a unique positioning to which nothing else compares.

Jo Agnew, Head of Cadbury Cakes, said, “The new pack design has been very well received across all accounts, it is the step change that we were hoping for and really does drive modernity and stand out for the Cadbury Mini Roll brand. We have a fully loaded re-launch happening with TV advertising, strong in-store activation, the launch of two special edition skus and this is all complemented by the impactful pack re-design that we will see on shelf. I look forward to seeing this brand go from strength to strength in 2015.”