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10 January 2024

Dip & drizzle: Sarson’s get saucy


So long soggy chips! Hello Sarson’s Dip & Drizzle.

Britain’s beloved malt vinegar have released their first big product development, a vinegar-based drizzle that brings tang to the table.

With hybrid offerings taking food and drink innovation by storm, Sarson’s saw the opportunity to appeal to new consumers with a multi-use product.

Sarsons Garlic
Sarsons BBQ

Our first task was to nail the name. Originally dubbed a ‘glaze’, Sarson’s were struggling to communicate the thicker, saucier nature of the product and its many different uses. Enter – Dip & Drizzle, a descriptive, distinguishable name with a dash of playful personality.

For the design, we looked to burger bars and diners for inspiration. We created a bold ‘drip’ as a beacon on pack, swapped the Sarson’s brown for a zingy colour palette, and topped with expressive patterns and drizzles.

We channelled this personality into the brand voice too, creating playful messages that capture the excitement of different eating occasions – beyond just chips.

Drizzle, dip and dunk to your heart’s content. You’ll find Sarson’s Dip & Drizzle in Tesco now.