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19 June 2019

Fancy Food Show 2019

Blog Cover Food Show

Next week we're heading across the pond to take a literal bite out of The Big Apple.

We're attending North America’s largest speciality food and beverage event, The Fancy Food Show, to hunt out the most exciting emerging brands coming around the corner. We'll be trend hunting (and eating) our way through two days of 2,400 exhibitors from 50 countries with over 180,000 products.

We’ve already been fortunate enough to work with some disruptive challenger brands from across the pond and look forward to seeing what else the USA has to offer. Watch this space for a round-up of what caught our eyes, but for now, here's some we did earlier.

01 Fuego Spice Co Master Assets 3200X2000 Fuego Spice Co Group Line Up
08 Fuego Spice Co Master Assets 3200X2000 Fuego Spice Co Lifestyle

Cali-based Fuego Spice Co. put flavour over fire and needed a brand to elevate their sauces above the crowded category.

Bocces 004 Abovebiscuits
Bocces 000 Cover

Brooklyn-based Bocce's organic dog treats received a new pack to attract humans as much as the treats do dogs.

Pubstomper 04 Wide
Pubstomper 03

And Pubstomper Brewing company deserved design as 'dank' as their hoppy brews.