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08 October 2020

Get your fakeaway fix

Coop Fake Away Blog 3200X2000

With people venturing out to eat less often and instead spending more time at home, Co-op saw the opportunity to bundle the nation’s favourite meals into their new ‘fakeaway’ boxes for two. To pick up during a shop or have delivered straight to your door by Deliveroo.

Targeting the convenience shopper, the boxes needed to stand out in store and be clearly identifiable as a quick and easy ‘grab and go’ meal choice. To achieve this, we decided to break away from Co-op’s usual visual style in favour of a bolder, more distinctive identity – choosing an array of bright colours and eye-catching patterns for an energetic feel that would make an instant impact on shelf.

Coop Fake Away Blog 3200X2000

From fiery Tex-Mex to fragrant Thai, each of the five box designs is packed with personality, inspired by the culture and aesthetic of the popular cuisine it holds. The individual typographic treatments and colour ways give them a recognisable, yet ownable identity, and enticing food photography gets customers excited for what’s inside. Whilst the white brand mark adds consistency to the range and anchors the design firmly to Co-op.

The result is a flavoursome feast for both the eyes and the stomach!

Get your hands on a fakeaway box in selected Co-op stores or order online through Deliveroo.