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06 June 2023

Mentoring Nottingham Trent's next top design talent

NTU Cannabis Brief Artboard 3 2x 80

As summer begins another academic year draws to an end. And this year it's an ending we're proud to have been a part of. The Robot Food team have been working with Nottingham Trent University and their second year students — setting an external brief and delivering feedback and guidance along the way.

NTU Cannabis Brief Artboard 4 2x 80

The brief was deceptively simple; in essence — 'The UK has legalised cannabis, create a cannabis gummies brand to draw in this new consumer base; be wary of stereotypes and pre-existing stigmas.'

NTU Cannabis Brief Artboard 5 2x 80

Now, creating brands, and particularly cannabis brands, is something we know plenty about. So we were uniquely well placed to help the students settle on their ideas, develop their name and branding, and begin to bring their brands to life.

NTU Cannabis Brief Artboard 6 2x 80

A three part process saw us first brief the project to second year design and illustration students. This was followed by an interim check-in, where we feedback on ideas and initial thinking, helping the students decide upon and refine promising directions. Finally, the students presented their finished work to us as the module came to a close.

With a variety of interesting outcomes in now place, we'd like to thank Rob, Jenna and students at Nottingham Trent for having us involved this year — we look forward to continuing our relationship with them and welcoming them into our new home here at Globe Point.