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22 April 2024

Putting the B in Robot Food

We’re a B Corp!

18 months and over 200 questions later (no, really), we’re proud to say we’re now a certified B Corp business.

So, why B Corp?

B stands for Benefit for all. And it’s about using business as a force for good. We’ve known for a while that it was a movement we wanted to get behind. What we didn’t know was just how long and extensive the process would be to make it official.

We were scored across six areas based on the answers to hundreds of questions that each need explanation, and most importantly, evidence. The six areas cover everything from the mission and transparency of the company, to employee satisfaction, environmental impact and the way you do business.

We began the process to prove we’re no robots, and that what we say about being a great place to work is actually true. We scored highly for things like being independent and owner operated, being transparent about our ways of working, and providing a positive experience for our team through career development, wages and benefits. As well as for our sustainable practices like energy use and meeting green building standards.

What now?

What started out as a way of signalling our business practices to clients, ended up becoming a much more personal reflection of who we are – an independent northern agency that partners with ambitious brands from across the world to turn big plans into big ideas.

The process has made us realise that B Corp certification is about more than just proving ourselves, it’s a way of holding ourselves accountable for our actions, and a sign of our commitment to continually do better.

To B or not to B?

What a question. If you’re thinking about becoming a B Corp business, we’ll be honest – it’s a tough process. Like anything worthwhile, it takes a lot of time, patience, resources and commitment, and it will challenge you (no matter how well you think you're doing).

But in the process, you'll find ways to improve your business practices and put in place improvements for the future. And most of all, it’ll give you the chance to really consider the bigger implications of doing what you do.

In a money-obsessed world, businesses are naturally commercial machines. But at what cost? Being a B Corp makes sure this can’t and should never be our only focus.

Want to join forces for good? Let’s chat.