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Growing a cult


The Brief

Help us bring our cult to the masses with a brand everyone in mainstream America can follow.

The Opportunity

Recyclability claims weren’t top priority for US consumers. Bad news when your USP is a paper-based refill. What consumers were looking for was a safe and effective cleaning ritual. But when even the ‘green’ choices have their sacrifices, where was the brand that could do it all?

It was time for an intervention. To rid the world of plastic and create a cult of clean that really means clean.

Cleancult Story smaller

A cult is nothing without its followers. So we gave Cleancult the voice of a charismatic leader. Punchy, yet playful, the messaging condemns plastic and rallies customers to start their initiation into the cult of clean. All whilst spreading the good word about the box and all its benefits.

Cleancult logo landscape Cleancult Ding

“We had a gift in the name – clean meant clean, so cult had to mean cult. It was a platform that allowed us to saturate every touchpoint with a knowing sense of humour and rally a fanatical following. No secret hand shakes required.”

Natalie, Senior Creative Strategist
7 Cleancult CS Plastic is Toxic Billboard
4 Cleancult CS Masters 1592x2000 0004 Cleancult CS Power to the Paper 1952x2000 8 Cleancult CS Masters 1592x2000 0003 Cleancult CS Dirty Dished Divide 1952x2000

From dirty to deity. When you buy a cleaning product you need to know it’s going to work. The bold blue, white and the fresh secondary colours give the brand a clean, efficacious feel, while impactful imagery idolises the products and their non-toxic nature.

10 Cleancult CS Masters 3200x2000 0007 Cleancult CS Kitchen Range 3200x2000

No it’s not milk. Or juice. With their unusual box format, Cleancult’s packaging needed to work harder to communicate what the products are and how you use them. Clear, ownable icons now feature front and centre to make the brand easier to navigate in store, and provide a clear visual link to the glass refillables.

CC Foaming Pack Foaming Handwash v2 CC Cleaner Cult Messagingnew
Illustration comps 03 Illustration comps 02 Illustration comps 01
18 Cleancult CS Masters 3200x2000 0005 Cleancult CS Refill Process Illustration 3200x2000 17 Cleancult CS Masters 3200x2000 0006 Cleancult CS APC Pour 3200x2000

Scent from the heavens! To show that cleaning is cathartic, not a chore, we art directed a suite of sensorial photography that puts Cleancult’s signature scents at the heart of the ritual.

22 Cleancult CS Masters 1x1 0006 Cleancult CS T Shirt landscape 25 Cleancult CS Masters 3200x2000 0002 Cleancult CS Pin Badges
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