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Fuelling the slow down


The Brief

There are tons of iced coffee and teas out there so we need to make an impact. Can you help?

The Opportunity

We’re overworked and overstimulated, always looking for the next quick fix. Drinking coffee and tea, that was once a ritualistic pleasure, is now just a functional habit to get us through the day. But why should it be?

We seized the opportunity to switch off the autopilot and bring back the enjoyment with a relatable brand that encourages us to reclaim our time and show burn out the door.

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It was clear straight away what Fitch was missing. They needed a strong singular idea to hang their hat on – and after some research, their cold brew method seemed like a great place to start.

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Reflecting the slow, considered process of making their coffee, we created the narrative thread ‘take your time’ to give consumers the permission to be more present in their lives. And to not only value their time, but to spend it wisely too!

This idea flows through everything. Including the new name ‘Here & Now’ and strapline ‘Drink it in’ which sets the scene for the brand and celebrates the joy of living in the moment.

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For the individual product names, we honed in on those perfect scenarios everyone can relate to. Whether that be exploring new ground, feeling the warm sun on your skin or getting comfy in your usual spot.

8 Here Now CS 1592x2000 0002 Here Now Man Drinking Orange 9 Here Now CS 1592x2000 0003 Here Now BOP

The vibrant colours and characterful illustrations bring to life each specific mood, offering a refreshing alternative to the typical soulless aesthetic of ready to drink iced coffee and tea.

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“The challenge with the names and the illustrations was to make sure each one was specific enough that the mood was obvious, whilst being careful not to pigeonhole the drinking occasion.”

Rich Robinson, Senior Designer
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For the verbal style, we opted for a youthful optimism with playful messaging that flies the flag for flavour and builds a compelling story around each product.

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Off pack, the illustrations work as a distinctive kit of parts, injecting energy and personality into the brand world.

10 Here Now CS 3200x2000 0005 Here Now Wobblers
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"To rebrand was a big, daunting, but necessary step. And we needed leading industry experts to help take us there.”

Andy Deeley, Co-founder, Here & Now
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