Raw Sausages For Picky Pooches

As dog owners look for a more natural, convenient way to feed their dogs, we put on our NPD caps (backwards) to create a range that’s certainly no dog’s dinner.

Raw meat for dogs is a growing trend. It’s the most natural way for dogs to get the fresh goodness they need and in answer to the rising demand, a whole new category has emerged. But however tasty it is for pets, there’s no denying how unpleasant raw meat can be for owners.

We recognised the opportunity to offer dog owners a more appealing alternative. Instead of trays of frankly yucky product that’s off-putting to handle, our creative team came up with ‘Duchess and Rover, gourmet sausages for dogs’. Working closely with a Yorkshire meat producer we developed the proposition, name, branding and packaging.

Creative Director, Simon, said, “As a team of animal lovers, we’ve been watching raw meat products grow in popularity. With our previous experience in both pet food innovation and sausages, our idea felt inevitable.”

“We used high-end foodie cues to attract the more discerning dog owner, and created flavour variants known to be good for canine health. For launch, these include pork and honey, mutton and mint and venison and blueberry.”

From the mock royal crest and tone of voice to the bright colourways and luxurious flavours, the range appeals to dog owners who want their pets to enjoy a more natural diet – that’s also clean, convenient and more pleasant to serve up, either raw straight from the fridge or cooked and cooled.


Duchess&Rover-Web-Pages-3200-x-2000_5 Duchess&Rover-Web-Pages-3200-x-2000_2 Duchess&Rover-Web-Pages-3200-x-2000_4