Ich Bin Ein Robot

We’re back from Berlin, broken but inspired after cramming in as much as we could in just two and a bit days. Staying in Mitte, we strolled the Straßes, soaked up the culture and of course refreshed with a delicious wheat beer or two.

What we ate

What didn’t we eat. Berlin’s broad mix of cultures means that pretty much everything is on the menu. Our trip started with lunch at Markthalle Neun, a food hall in Kreuzburg offering up some truly delicious street food – vegan options included. That same night (after a quick disco nap) we ventured back to Friedrichshain Kreuzburg for some Korean BBQ at Kimchi Princess. Sunday followed as a day of traditional German food with Apple Strudel and much needed coffee at The Barn, Wiener Schnitzel and Goulash at Prater Garten and (much later) a doner kebab somewhere just off Brunnenstraße.

Big Stuff Smoked BBQ

Barbara’s Küche


Kumpel & Keule

Kimchi Princess

The Barn

Prater Garten

House of Small Wonder

Curry 61


What we saw

Berlin’s graffiti filled streets are an eclectic mix of old and new. Two days in this vast city only gave a small insight into the breadth of art and history Berlin has to offer. Camera’s at the ready, we ventured to the East Side Gallery, Museum Island, Holocaust Memorial and KW Institute by day and took in the city’s expansive skyline from the dome of the Reichstag building by night.


Where we drank

Well it wouldn’t have been Berlin without beer…

Franken Bar

Speiches Rock Und Blueskneipe

Madame Claude

An Einem Sonntag Im August

Mein Haus Am See