Let’s get twisted

Black Twist is a new Hard Coffee created for the cross-over bar and coffeehouse culture. It’s deep, smooth, intense. And versatile. It’s for people who like a good boozy coffee. Or a cocktail with a strong coffee kick. Or just enjoying on its own or on the rocks. It’s made with 100% natural ingredients, namely Arabica coffee slowly cold-brewed in triple-distilled single malt Irish whiskey and Irish spirit. It means business.

When it came to designing the identity, one thing was clear: it had to be miles away from the ‘softer’, sweeter alternatives on the market. And some of the others that take themselves a little too seriously. So we gave it the ‘Hard coffee’ tagline. Simple, striking, effective.

Next, we chose a distinctive white, black and copper colour palette. Then created a ‘hard’ coffee bean for the logo. A slick black outer pattern gives a subtle nod to the ‘twist’. And the lighter brown colour is there to evoke the all-important artisanal element.

We also wrote a bold brand story and created a suite of icons and messages to capture the provenance and depth of Irish passion. The result lives up to its name and looks at home in a city bar or on some millennial’s kitchen shelf. Cheers.