Britain’s most iconic cake goes international

Britain’s most iconic cake goes international

10 October 2018

This brief was really exciting for the team, it’s rare we get the freedom to reinvent such a well-known brand and we jumped at the chance to target new markets. Premier were looking to attract millennials in the US and Australia, so needed something strong to compete with the go to treat.

Mr Kipling’s lack of equity abroad offered up an exciting opportunity for the design team, who were able to deliver a fresh take without resting on the laurels of nostalgia.

The US and Aussie markets vary when it comes to cake of choice. The Australian cake category is dominated by fresh bakes while the US sweet treaters have their own nostalgic favourites. The thread that pulled together the final concept was ‘fresh quality,’ we recognised that Kipling could go head to head with its competitors through its fresh treat offering.

We wanted a look and feel that was fresh and contemporary, taking inspiration from European Patisseries to communicate ‘fresh’. Cake is the hero while product shots, accompanied by ingredients, sit against bright pastel backdrops.

Side-stepping around the word ‘exceedingly’ we updated the strapline for a new audience, deciding on ‘make every day delicious’.

While the project began with two separate executions we found common ground with a holistic expression, implementing variations for the different markets. The expression is iconic in its own right, undeniably Kipling but still brings something new to the cake table.