How Robot Food Stole Christmas

How Robot Food Stole Christmas

18 December 2019

This year, with help from G.F Smith and Bells of Lazonby, our friends and clients awoke to find their Christmas Stollen.

0005 Rf Xmas 2019 Stollen Full Pack

All merriment aside, Christmas can often come with its share of Grinchy moments. Long queues, bad weather – don’t even get us started on the Christmas playlists. This year, we aimed to lift spirits with a festive gift pinched straight from the pages of our favourite yuletide grump.

0009 Rf Xmas 2019 Stollen Story

Nothing says joy quite like free food. So, we asked Bells of Lazonby, the family-run bakery and manufacturer behind Bells and Whistles, who kindly baked us some joyfully indulgent stollen. (Unanimously agreed by the team as some of the best ever tasted).

0008 Rf Xmas 2019 Stollen Illustrated Packs
0006 Rf Xmas 2019 Stollen Front Detail
0007 Rf Xmas 2019 Stollen Side Detail

For the packaging, we turned to iconic paper suppliers G . F Smith. The outer box uses Smith’s new service where the lightweight, Colorplan range can be laminated with microflute to create a strong outer box with the same look and feel of premium uncoated paper. Perfect for posting and available in short runs too. We chose Bright Red and White Frost for the inner carton and sleeve, and foiled the outer with just a hint of gold. Festive.

0010 Rf Xmas 2019 Stollen Red Boxes
0011 Rf Xmas 2019 Stollen Twin Pack 0012 Rf Xmas 2019 Stollen Olly Pack 2 0013 Rf Xmas 2019 Stollen Olly Pack

With present and packaging in place, a fortunate play on words meant deciding this year’s theme was easy. Beautifully illustrated in-house by Senior Designer, Rich Robinson, the boxes are our playful take on the Dr Seuss classic, ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’. Using the iPad Pro, the illustrations were hand-drawn digitally using various brush tools to create a mischievous, crafty Christmas feel.

0003 Rf Xmas 2019 Stollen Live
0004 Rf Xmas 2019 Grinch Illustration

A huge thank you to G . F Smith and Bells of Lazonby for their contribution and a Merry Christmas from all at Robot Food.

0014 Rf Xmas 2019 Stollen Thieving Grinch