Our Top 10 Projects - Part 1

Our Top 10 Projects - Part 1

10 January 2019

Like all milestones, our 10th anniversary has us feeling reflective. There are some projects that make you (and some that could well break you). Ultimately, every piece of work we do serves up a lesson learned for the next time. Broken into two parts, these ten projects are just some of the landmark moments that have helped shape who we are today and set a new course for Robot Food tomorrow.

2010 // Jammie Dodgers

Our rebrand of Jammie Dodgers back in 2010 was our first big break into big brand, but it was never intended to be. In fact, when we first met with their brand manager it was to discuss work for another project entirely.

At the time, the Jammie Dodgers team were undergoing a rebrand and had, till that point, not seen any concepts that had hit the mark. Happenstance soon turned a conversation about a licensed product into an on the spot critique of concepts produced by agencies far bigger than we are today. This led to one week to deliver the cheekier take that we all agreed the brand needed.

It was an affirmation that we were on to something and the goalposts had jumped forward a considerable amount. Instinct and agility trumped the traditional agency formula and we’re glad to have learned this so early on.

2013 // Stoats

Stoats was the first serious range redesign where we really got to push ourselves creatively. At the time, Stoats was a relatively small company based in Edinburgh, producing oats and oat products for local distribution but with plenty of ambition. Looking at everything from their packaging to vans and festival stalls, our aim was to create an identity with more depth – something that reflected the story of its founders Bob and Tony.

We had a lot of fun with the design and it was one of the first where we really explored colour and how it can be used to bring the personality and flavour of a product to life. It definitely informed much of the way we still work today. The distribution has since grown to include England retailers such as Waitrose, Morrisons and National Rail. To this day the brand still stands out, remaining fresh and relevant six years on.

2014 // Bulk Powders

Our longest standing client and one we’re still proud to work with today, we’ve had the pleasure of watching BULK POWDERS grow from £3 million to over £30 million in annual sales. This brand has had such a massive part to play in the development of our strategic process and their rebrand in 2014 was the first opportunity we had to prove that it worked.

BULK POWDERS started off as a price driven commodity but saw that the market was turning towards lifestyle. The approach, as we saw it, had to look beyond what was happening in supplements – even beyond what was happening in sport.

A large chunk of our strategy involves drawing from outside of the category and studying semiotics of brands and products already resonating with the target market. In doing so, we can create work that feels relevant in a way that doesn’t have to explain why it is. Our original design for BULK POWDERS was inspired by lifestyle brands that gym goers aspired to, including Beats by Dre.

It’s the best way to avoid working in an echo chamber and a process we continue to develop.

2015 // Cadbury

Many might think it risky to appoint a support agency from your roster to reinvigorate one of your biggest brands. Thankfully for us, Jo Agnew, Brand Manager of Mini Rolls, had confidence in our abilities.

Our design for Mini Rolls served up plenty of personality and attitude, using the pack as a platform to connect to consumers’ emotional drive. Sales went from a disappointing decline to an £8 million increase in just 18 months. Soon, we were teaming up once again – this time on a brand creation for an amazing NPD project, Amaze Bites.

Our work with the Cadbury team at Premier Foods goes to show what can be achieved when you collaborate with the right people. Together, with shared ambition and trust in each other, we were able to create new opportunities for a brand that had previously been overlooked.

2015 // Awesome Merchandise

Another long-standing client and fellow Leeds locals, Awesome Merchandise are just that – awesome. We’d used their merch making service before working together and to this day have a great relationship with the team.

After meeting Luke and Charlotte to discuss a rebrand, it was so clear to us what needed to be done. They already had such a great story and personality behind the brand, all we had to do was embrace who they were, who they were targeting and dial it up to meet their ambitions.

We’ve worked with Awesome now across a rebrand, a design refresh, global comms and brand strategy, and a hugely successful Crowdcube campaign that saw them raising funds to help grow the business and open the doors to a new factory in Austin, Texas. They are never afraid to be pushed or to show others the real them.