A stout fit for the mad monk

A stout fit for the mad monk

15 November 2018

There’s always excitement amongst the team when creating new design for Vocation Brewery. Their fearless attitude towards brewing allows us to generate design concepts that mirror this attitude and push boundaries. This limited edition was no different.

For Vocation’s latest venture, a Russian Imperial Stout, we created a name, a concept and a can design to capture the essence of this full-bodied brew.

To give the limited edition an engaging story we explored the rich history behind Russian imperial stouts and felt the dark mystery that surrounded the brew aligned with Rasputin. The mad monk, as famous for his powers of seduction as he was his powers of healing, was known to have sipped the deadliest of drinks and survived.

The mysterious healer’s reputation outlives him on this dark design of strikingly simple line art. The design invites the most daring of drinkers to venture into the deep unknown.