Collaboration for the nation

Collaboration for the nation

19 September 2018

Collabs change the world. What if Lennon and McCartney never wrote that first song together? What would pop art look like if Warhol and Basquiat never began their bromance?

Vocation Brewery embarked on three new collaborations to push brewing boundaries, partnering with Manchester’s Chorlton Brewery Co, Hull’s Atom Beers and New Zealand’s Yeastie Boys. For this worldwide collaboration, they asked us to serve up some visual flavour.

The task - balance the brewery’s brand identity with flavour filled graphics inspired by the taste of each new beer. To keep some consistency, we chose to use the ampersand from the original Vocation brand design to represent the brand and the collaborations. This mark acted as a template, altering to reflect each new flavour pairing.

With Chorlton brewery, came the Sour Smash design, inspired by the explosive tropical flavours of the beer. Atom Beer celebrate the science behind brewing so a blueprint aesthetic was given to the ampersand, reflecting both Atom’s focus on science and Vocation’s forward-thinking attitude to brewing.

Last, but definitely not least, came a long-distance friendship with Yeastie boys. The Waffle and Blueberry Breakfast Stout demanded a mouth-watering design so the ampersand transformed into a waffle, drizzled with blueberry jam - good enough to eat (or just drink for breakfast).

Cans have already flown off shelves but grab yourself the Waffle and Blueberry Breakfast Stout while it’s still hot.