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Robot Food
Badger Brewery

Crafting character

What we did:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Creative Strategy
  • Verbal Identity
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Guidelines

The Brief

Take us from an old man beer to a future-proofed brand that’ll entice a new generation of beer drinkers.

The Insight

‘Old’ isn’t such a bad thing. As a nation, we’re obsessed with nostalgia and spend a lot of our time reminiscing and paying homage to tradition. From the food we eat to the clothes we wear and even the homes we buy – we celebrate the past by reimagining things for the future.

The idea

Characterful brews, colourful tales. 

Spark imagination with a brand worth sharing.

True character, by true characters. Inspired by Badger’s love for local tales, generational craftsmanship and passion for home and family, we created a brand as unforgettable as their beers.

Badger CS Complete 01 v2
Badger CS Complete 02 v2
Badger CS Complete 03 v2

A bolder Badger. To assert themselves as a category leader and a brand to explore within, Badger needed a kit of parts to feature clearly and consistently across everything. We crafted their existing logo to create a more iconic imprint, and created a bold new wordmark to unify the range and give the brewery the presence it deserves.

Badger CS Complete 04 v2
Badger CS Complete 05

We gave each brew its own backstory, loosely based on a tale of local legend. Whether it’s true, half true or just true to us, each chapter offers the drinker a moment of escapism.

Badger CS Complete 06 stories books v4
Badger CS Complete 11v2
Badger CS Complete 07 amended
Badger CS FF
Badger CS Complete 14v2
Badger CS Complete 09 v3
Badger CS Complete 13v2
Badger CS Complete 12 v2
Badger CS Complete 10v2

Alongside our colourful tales, we created a collection of characters that represent the personality of each beer. Then commissioned the talented Bob Venables to help make them jump off the page.

“We adopted the voice of a narrator, telling each story the way locals would do in a pub. Fun, intriguing and a little unbelievable – with Badger, you’ll always read the label.”


RF Portraits 2022 Lizzie
Badger CS Complete 15 v3

For the typography, we took inspiration from the typesetting used in classic books to make each story feel like it had been ripped straight from your favourite novel. And chose bold, juicy colours to keep the brand feeling fresh, not fusty.

We brought flavour to the forefront with clear descriptors that help drinkers distinguish one beer from another.

Badger CS Line Up v4

“Previously, every beer appeared like its own brand – and there was no obvious Badger identity on the labels to unify the range. Now each one features a crafted ‘masthead’ and type style that translates across the wider brand world too.”

Design Director

RF Portraits 2022 Robbo
Badger CS Complete 17 v2
Badger CS Complete 18v2
Badger CS Complete 20v2
Badger CS Complete 19 editted

“Our time honoured, traditional values appeal to all, but our identity was holding us back from attracting a younger audience. Thanks to Robot Food, we now have an exciting, contemporary brand that amplifies everything we stand for.”

Giles Mountford
Marketing Manager — Hall & Woodhouse

Badger CS Complete 22v2