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Setting the benchmark


The Brief

We’re the biggest craft brewery that no-one's ever heard of. Can you help give our brand the same icon status as our beers?

The Opportunity

Since working with the brewery to create the brand in 2015, Vocation has seen incredible growth. Producing some of the most popular beer in retail, old favourites such as Life & Death and new staples like Hop, Skip and Juice stand out firmly in the minds of consumers. With growth has come confidence and now, with a resurgence in on-trade, the was an opportunity to not only be known for their benchmark beer, but as the brand on every beer lover's lips.

01 Brand Logo
02 Brand Copy Lines 01 03 Brand Copy Lines 02

Our solution was two-fold. To unite all Vocation beers with a stronger architecture and bold visual beacon of quality that would be recognisable everywhere from can to keg. And harness the determination, hard graft and passion of their people to tell Vocation’s story to the world.

04 Illustration Squares 01 05 Illustration Squares 02 06 Illustration Squares 03 07 Illustration Squares 04

“Illustration has always played an important role in the brand’s identity. Now the new brand mark, our Vocation ‘V’, houses a newly evolved illustration style that showcases each beer’s unique identity. Punchy and distinctive – just like the beers.”

Rich Robinson, Senior Designer
08 HSJ Hero Image
09 Full Range
10 Can Detail 01 11 Can Detail 02

“There was a lot of meaning behind the name. Beer and hard work have always been intrinsically linked, so our focus was to tell this story through Vocation’s unwavering work ethic, their ‘pint glass half full’ attitude, and what it means to the people who drink it. That well-deserved reward at the end of a long week.”

Lizzie de Jong, Copywriter
12 Multi Range

A consistent brand expression was important across all touch points and formats for strengthening recognition. For specials and limited brews, where excitement and a point of difference is highly anticipated, keeping the core architecture builds on this consistency while also allowing creative flexibility.

13 Special Template
14 Special Render

We wanted to give more people, more to love. Taking the brand beyond the can, we built a brand world that not only celebrated the beer, but heroed the efforts of those behind it as well. From tap lenses to tees, on-trade to on a glass – every detail makes an impact.

16 Bar Shot 01
17 Coasters 18 Bar Shot 2
15 Vocation Brand World Posters V1
19 Merch 01 20 Merch 02

“I call Robot Food our 5th Beatle. Their work goes to show what happens when a good beer is given a great brand.”

John Hickling, Founder of Vocation Brewery
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