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Robot Food

Setting the benchmark

What we did:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Creative Strategy
  • Verbal Identity
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand World
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Guardianship

The Brief

We’ve made a name for ourselves in the craft world. Now we want to go mainstream. Can you help?

The Insight

Vocation were smashing it. Business was booming and the likes of Life & Death and Hop, Skip & Juice were some of the most popular beers in retail. But with growth comes confidence and, as they began to ramp up their on-trade offer, they needed to be known not only for their benchmark beer, but as the brand on every beer lover's lips.

The idea

‘Find your Vocation’.

Harness the hard graft and passion of their people to tell Vocation’s story – and be a bold beacon on shelf, in bars and at home.

01 Brand Logo
02 Brand Copy Lines 01
03 Brand Copy Lines 02

Vocation needed an accessible look that would appeal to craft fans and the mainstream drinker. So we united all the beers with a clear architecture and created the Vocation ‘V’ as a bold visual beacon of quality that would be recognisable everywhere from can to keg.

04 Illustration Squares 01
05 Illustration Squares 02
06 Illustration Squares 03
07 Illustration Squares 04

“The craft category is ever-growing and it’s still quite noisy. To help Vocation become better established in the on-trade, we had to strike the balance between being brand focused and keeping their craft sensibility at the same time.”

Design Director

RF Portraits 2022 Robbo
08 HSJ Hero Image
09 Full Range

Inspired by the previous pack elements and names, we created an ownable illustration style that showcases each beer’s unique story. Punchy and distinct – just like the beers.

10 Can Detail 01
11 Can Detail 02
12 Multi Range

For specials and limited brews (where excitement and difference is highly anticipated), we kept the pack architecture consistent, while leaving the space to get creative.

13 Special Template
14 Special Render
16 Bar Shot 01

“Beer and hard work have always been linked – after all, nothing beats the first sip of a well-earned pint. So we built on this story with messaging that celebrates Vocation’s unwavering work ethic, their ‘pint glass half full’ attitude, and what it means to the people who drink it.”


RF Portraits 2022 Lizzie
17 Coasters
18 Bar Shot 2
15 Vocation Brand World Posters V1
19 Merch 01
20 Merch 02

“I call Robot Food our 5th Beatle. Their work goes to show what happens when a good beer is given a great brand.”

John Hickling
Founder — Vocation Brewery