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Robot Food

Brewing goodness to go

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What we did:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Creative Strategy
  • Naming
  • Verbal Identity
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand World

The Brief

We want a compelling coffee brand that delivers on our core Co-op values.

The Insight

Too often, when it comes to coffee, convenience means compromise – leaving consumers choosing between quality or ease, good for the planet or good for their wallet.

The idea

Goodness to go. Wake people up to the coffee they deserve – one that looks good, tastes good and doesn’t cost the earth.

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The first step was finding a name that felt right for Co-op. Positive, timeless and rooted in good, ‘Ever Ground’ reflects Co-op’s Fairtrade journey and their on-going pursuit to source and brew better coffee.

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Warm, wholesome and full of energy, we gave Ever Ground a tone of voice to match their coffee. The messaging champions their delicious coffee first, supported by their Fairtrade credentials second.

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To visually represent Co-op’s values, we created a suite of simple line illustrations that feature across the whole brand world, either as stand alone icons or together to form patterns.

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Blue sky drinking! For the colour palette, we chose to hero the master brand blue which pops against black and white for a contemporary feel that’s still proudly Co-op.

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Their house blend, from the comfort of yours. After the success of Ever Ground’s in store offer, we then rolled out the look and feel across ready-to-drink iced lattes, along with bags of whole and freshly ground beans.

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“Mass market coffee brands all look and sound the same, so instead we looked at what independents were doing and applied their mindset to a larger scale. It was more than just a logo, it was about creating a rich and distinct brand world that would tell the story of Co-op’s coffee journey.”

Creative Director

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