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Monstrously good fun


The Brief

Make the Honey Monster relevant to a whole new generation of little monsters and give their parents permission to put us back on the breakfast table.

The Opportunity

With so much worthiness in the cereal aisle, not to mention misdirection, consumers were being bamboozled by mixed messages and try-hard tactics. Honey Monster was loud and proud of its low sugar content so we made a rebel with a cause: to put some serious fun back into cereals.

Hm 3 Front

We retained key equities in this heritage brand while bringing the mission right up to date.

Hm 4 Back Hm 5 Side

Our friendlier and more contemporary Honey Monster commands centre stage on a clearer and cleaner pack, alongside a prouder brandmark.

Hm 3 Front
Hm 11 Back
Hm 6 Before

Accessible and witty for both kids and adults, a fun and straight-talking tone of voice was crafted for use across packaging, advertising and social comms.

Honeymonster Bw 1 Poster

Our graphic take on the monster translates easily to merchandise and digital spaces, helping to enhance nostalgia for existing fans and igniting a legion of new ones.

Honeymonster Bw 2 Shelfshot Honeymonster Bw 3 Backpack
Honeymonster Bw 3 Lunchbox
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